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KidWind sponsors are committed to facilitating the development of new tools and materials for students and educators,bringing renewable energy education into classrooms across the U.S., and connecting with communities where they work.

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KidWind Challenge

These programs focus on our flagship student-driven solar and wind structure design challenges.

  • Online Challenge

    Distribution of 30 starter wind or solar kits to a targeted group of students that can lead to a sponsored online challenge.


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  • KidWind Challenge Event

    Support a regional KidWind Challenge event including site-based costs and team prizes.


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  • Comprehensive KidWind Challenge Package

    Support for one entire KidWind Challenge cycle from workshops and teacher support to the event and prizes.


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  • National KidWind Challenge

    Sponsor the National KidWind Challenge, where 80 top performing teams and over 300 students compete for the title of KidWind Champion!


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Educator Training & Public Outreach

These programs focus on helping educators and the public better understand renewable energy.

  • Workshop Facilitation

    One full-day virtual or in-person renewable energy workshop for 20 educators with distribution of wind or solar materials, depending on workshop theme.


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  • REcharge Academy

    The REcharge Academy is our four-day long, flagship educator training program focused on renewable energy. The intensive training blends lectures from experts and tours of energy facilities with replicable hands-on K-12 lessons to give educators content as well as context.


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  • Community Outreach

    Support regional outreach events meant to raise awareness and advocacy for renewable energy in local communities.


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Curriculum & Material Development

These programs focus on creating high quality and standards-aligned renewable energy curriculum and supplementary materials. Most KidWind materials are open sourced and free to educators.

  • Learning Module Development

    Support the development of a renewable energy learning module for our online LEARN LAB.


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  • Gale Force Academy Course Development

    Support the development of a professional development mini-course for the online Gale Force Academy.


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  • Coding and Renewables Curriculum Development

    Support the development of a new KidWind Renewable Energy and Coding Curriculum and the training of 150 educators in 5 U.S. sites.


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Choose your sponsorship level

We are offering four levels of sponsorship for small-scale, local, regional, and national level programming: Breezy Backers, Wind Riders, High Flyers, and Gale Force. Each level supports a particular set of initiatives and events.

KidWind support is now tax deductible through our non-profit, Gale Force Education.

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