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As the world is increasingly powered by wind and solar energy, it is more critical than ever that we develop a workforce and public who understands the complexities of this new power generation. For over 15 years, KidWind has been committed to teaching the world about renewables through curricula, materials and our premiere competition, the KidWind Challenge.

Since 2009, KidWind Challenge events and related trainings have been successfully implemented in 35 states, often culminating at the National KidWind Challenge. Over the past 8 years, roughly 30,000 students have directly competed in more than 300 events. Over 15,000 teachers have been trained through KidWind workshops, conferences and outreach events.

KidWind’s impact goes far beyond the students who attend a state challenge. More than 70 percent of the educators who attend our local trainings go on to use KidWind lessons and materials in their classrooms to expose students to wind energy concepts and technologies.

Your support of the KidWind Challenge develops a future workforce that understands and is excited by the POWER of WIND.

For the full 2019-20 KidWind Challenge season to happen we must raise $250,000 to cover our costs.

It might sound like a lot, but these funds enable:

  • 100 Educator Workshops across the U.S.
  • 40 State-Level KidWind Challenges with over 1000 teams participating
  • 1000 KidWind Challenge team kit distributions
  • National Challenge with 100 teams participating
  • $50,000 in wind energy classroom materials distributed to educators
  • $25,000 in prizes and awards for performing teams

All of these events will culminate in May 2020 at the national KidWind Challenge at WINDPOWER in Denver CO.

There are 6 main ways you can help support the mission of KidWind.

  1. Share, Volunteer or Mentor – Students and teacher need help from experts and role models in the field get out there and do something! Send a note

  2. Support the KidWind Go Fund Me – We seek to raise $20,000 to help support a wide variety of events and workshops.

  3. Sponsor a State Workshop or Challenge – Your company can bring KidWind programming to 100s of students. You can pick the location or we can. We do all the work you get all the press! Sponsorship Opportunities

  4. Sponsor the Online KidWind Challenge – Help us expand the reach of KidWind all over the globe. Sponsorship Opportunities

  5. Sponsor the 2020 National KidWind Challenge – Sponsor the largest gathering of KidWind geeks in the world at 2020 CLEANPOWER in Denver, CO 2020. Sponsorship Opportunities

  6. Sponsor the 2020 Recharge Academy – Help build the KidWind family of master educators who hold KidWind Challenges and trainings. Sponsorship Opportunities

KidWind Champions

We would like to especially recognize the following champions whose generosity and commitment to the KidWind vision has made this work possible. In the last 5 years, these organizations have each donated over $150,000 towards KidWind’s goal of bringing renewable energy education to classrooms around the world.

Vernier is our most significant supporter and partner. In addition to supporting Challenges and workshops across the U.S., Vernier holds exclusive license to produce KidWind branded wind and solar gear. We love their generosity and insights and hope to continue improving old products and inventing new ones with their team for years to come.

Since 2013 KidWind has been working with EDP Renewables to bring wind energy education to the many communities across the U.S. where EDPR is at work. They are frequent sponsors of workshops, challenges and our REcharge Academies.

KidWind has been working with Pattern Energy for the last three years in Canada and the U.S. In addition to funding workshops and Challenges, they are always eager to support our out-of-the-box ideas and have helped us to develop new and experimental projects like the Power Grid Kit.

For over 10 years, KidWind has been generously supported by NREL as part of the Wind for Schools and Collegiate Wind Competition programs. Their support is used for outreach, the development of new materials and in supporting our annual National KidWind Challenge.


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