2024 KidWind Simulation Challenge

The 2024 KidWind Simulation Challenge has closed! We had great participation this year with over 75 teams joining. We'll share the 2024 Sim Challenge results after April 1st.

What is the KidWind Simulation Challenge?

This years KidWind and Flinn Scientific’s WhiteBox Learning (WBL) offered students the opportunity to try their hand at building a simulated turbine! In this National Challenge, students use the WhiteBox Learning simulation software to construct and test virtual turbines and wind farms. For the 2023-24 Challenge we added a new component where teams used their knowledge from the Simulation to test small turbine blades using a kit we sent them.

The KidWind Simulation Challenge started during COVID as a way for students to participate in a fully virtual wind challenge.

The 2024 Simulation Challenge had two main parts, and a new physical component.

2024 Top Performers

Middle School

Rank Score Student(s) Classroom/Team
1 100 Gopal Naidu Saladi Meadowbrook Middle School
2 97.82 Utkarsh Mishra Meadowbrook Middle School
3 97.32 Tenley Heppner Jr/Sr High School
4 77.66 Darby Heppner Jr/Sr High School
5 76.39 Wyatt Carey
Lane Altman
Aryan Mungara
Charlie Grover
Brandon Perez
Tayven Laulainen
Bandr Christensen
Reilly Shull
Kayden Collins
Flint Halonen
Hermosa School
6 66.78 Kathryn Heppner Jr/Sr High School
7 66.78 Ashlee Heppner Jr/Sr High School
8 62.43 Gage Heppner Jr/Sr High School
9 61.26 Naomi Heppner Jr/Sr High School
10 57.24 Emilla Heppner Jr/Sr High School

High School

Rank Score Student(s) Classroom/Team
1 100 Kalvin Menne Postville Jr/Sr High School
2 98.9 Edwing Guevara Garcia Charles E. Shea High
3 95.3 Kenneth Ross MIT Academy
4 83.7 Elvis Martinez Jimenez Charles E. Shea High
5 79.6 Lewis Dias Dasilva Charles E. Shea High
6 77.5 Eben Bamberry Exeter West Greenwich HS
Seagull Engineering
77.5 Cristiano Depina Candido Charles E. Shea High
7 74.50 Stanley Molina Charles E. Shea High
8 72.80 Quaid Heppner Jr/Sr High School
9 68.60 Logan O'Connor Exeter West Greenwich HS
Wacky Wavy Inflatable Windmen
68.60 Jesse Ruscito Exeter West Greenwich HS
Wind Soup

Turbine Blade Design and Performance

Students used a simplified CAD program to design complex blades and see how they perform on a KidWind scale turbine in different conditions. Students learned a great deal about airfoils, physics, and other related fields as they designed their blades. The material in this part of the simulation can get complex.

Wind Farm Design

In this part of the simulation, students designed and construcedt wind farms. They took several factors into account to build a wind farm that produces the most power at the lowest cost. It was a challenge!

The simulation is done in a game mode where participants earn points for how well their designs perform, how much they iterate on their designs, and how they do on quizzes. The simulation had 5 levels and it got more challenging to complete each level as students progresses.

Blade Construction & Turbine Testing

In 2024 we have added a new dimension to this challenge because we want students to experiment in the real world and see how well they can transfer knowledge from the game to real life.

Who can participate?

The content found in the KidWind Simulation Challenge is most appropriate for high school students who have taken a physics course. Middle school students can also participate but some of the physics concepts maybe challenging.

Students from anywhere in the world. We can only send KidWind Turbine Kits to coaches who are based in the US.


There are middle school (6th-8th grades) and high school (9th-12th grades) divisions in the National Simulation Challenge. Students can participate alone or on a team.

Simulation Challenge Events

Simulation Performance (80%)

The majority of your overall score was derived from how well you and your teammates perform on the simulation based challenges of blade design and wind farm design.

Blade Construction & Turbine Testing (20%)

As many students have become very good at using the simulation to design blades and build wind farms, we want to see what you can do in the real world.

Scoring & Leaderboard

After February 15th, a bi-weekly leaderboard of the top performers will be posted. It will have all participants ranked by their performance scores and if they have uploaded a turbine to the Online Wind Challenge.

Informational Webinars

We hosted an informational webinar about the 2024 Simulation Challenge. You can watch the recording here.