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Help KidWind to support more teachers and students grow their renewable energy knowledge! You can donate directly to an event, to a state, or to our general Teacher Fund. You can also direct your funds directly to teachers, coaches, schools, or teams that you know!

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    Support a KidWind Challenge event or Workshop. Your funds will be used to provide resources for motivated teachers and students. You can also select the National KidWind Challenge to help a team get to Nationals!

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    Support general KidWind activities and outreach in a state that is important to you! Funds will be used to provide training, materials, prizes, and general support to teachers and students.

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    Support teachers through training (in-person and virtual), materials distribution, and one-on-one interactions.

Want to Kick it Up a Notch?

Consider sponsoring teacher workshops, KidWind Challenge events and outreach, and/or the development of renewable energy curriculum by becoming a KidWind Sponsor. These sponsorships enable us to reach and support thousands of students and teachers each year.