Congratulations on completing your Challenge!

Now What?

1. Complete the Winner Reporting & Event Reporting Forms (you will receive these forms by email after your event)

The Winner Reporting form reports your event winners to us. Once we receive this report, we will email the top performing teams with an invitation to the World KidWind Challenge! The Event Reporting Form tells us about your event and asks for specific information about how many students were at the event and how much money you raised/spent. These details help us to write grants, track our impact, and prepare new folks to host events!

Please complete the Winner Reporting Form ASAP so we can send top performing teams official Worlds invites and the Event Reporting Form within 2 weeks of your event.

2. Upload your event photos

We always love to see photos and videos from your event! There will be a link to a Google folder to upload your files in the Event Reporting Form.

3. Help get your teams to Worlds

Be sure to check-in with your winning teams to see if they plan to attend to Worlds.

Often times teams want to attend, but need substantial assistance fundraising. If your teams set up GoFundMe's or other fundraising paths, please email them over to us so that we can share them with our network! We have had a lot of success helping teams reach their goal.

If you are able, we'd love to have you at Worlds, too! It takes a lot of hands to make Worlds possible. If you are able to attend the event (preferably, arrival Friday and departure Thursday morning), we will cover your housing and meals, and can help cover travel costs. Please email Meghan at if you would like to be part of the Worlds team!