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What is the KidWind Challenge?

An annual competition that brings together teams of creative students who have shown interest in STEM. Participants get to explore the potentials of renewable energy by building a wind turbine.The competition usually happens in the spring, around February-April.

How do the competitions work?

Teams collaborate in order to design and build their own turbines before attending the regional competition. The teams will test their turbines in a wind tunnel with dimensions of 48" x 48 " for energy output, present their design and build process to a panel of judges, and participate in mini challenges.

Who can participate?

Any students from 4th-12th grade can participate. The teams can be any size. The teams will need an adult to accompany them for every 10 students.

How long does it last?

This KidWind Challenge will be an all-day competition (9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.)

Additional Info 

  • Can only use one generator per turbine
  • Turbine can be built on vertical or horizontal axis
  • HIGHLY recommended that teams use a gearbox, pulley, or some sort of mechanism that increases power output

Register by Jan 31, 2023


Mar 1, 2023


430 North College Avenue, Fort Collins, CO, USA

Event Organizer(s)

Priscila Lopez

Colorado State University