The core of participating in a KidWind Challenge is the construction of a small, functional wind turbine or solar device. We love when teams repurpose junk they already have, but we realize you may need a few specialized parts like generators, solar panels or water pumps.

Browse some awesome KidWind swag and specialized gear, in addition to our favorite products sold by our partners and friends. Good luck building your amazing device!


  • KidWind Shirt

    A sweet KidWind T-shirt. Super soft shirt made by Canvas. It has our new 2020 KidWind colors!


    Buy now ($16.00 ea)
  • KidWind Hoodie

    An awesome KidWind Hoodie. Super soft and runs a little large. It has our new 2020 KidWind colors!


    Buy now ($40.00 ea)
  • KidWind Stickers & Pens

    Get some KidWind stickers & pens to hand out at your event. Includes at total of 10 stickers and 10 pens. We try to give you a mix of colors and stickers. If you want something special please note in the comments.


    Buy now ($8.00 ea)


  • Basic Turbine Building Parts

    All the parts you need to build the basic PVC turbine! Except for some PVC!

  • Advanced Wind Experiment Kit

    Great turbine to explore wind energy basics.

  • Simple Generator

    Build your own generator and power it with the wind, water whatever!

  • Competition Wind Tunnel

    This is the tunnel we use at all of our challenges.

  • Firefly Classpack

    A REcharge Labs Favorite - Firefly mini turbines. The Firefly is a simple mini turbine that transforms the energy of the wind into light! It comes with a stock set of blades, but students can also make and design their own blades and do simple experiments. Check it out here

    This kit includes enough materials to make 10 fireflies.


    Buy now ($140.00 ea)
  • WindWise Curriculum

    Sure we give away the lessons for free here. Sometimes people just want the book so they can read it as they fall asleep.


    Buy now ($100.00 ea)


  • 2V Solar Panel

    Awesome and rugged solar panel.

  • Solar Panels

    Takes you to a page of solar panels for use in solar structures.

  • Solar Fountains

    Amazon has piles of solar fountains that you can hack and use for projects. We like the ones where the panel is not connected to the pump.

  • Solar Kits

    Our friends at Brown Dog have cool solar kits and lego electrical circuits.

  • 3V Solar Panel

    An old REcharge Labs Favorite - the 3V/500mA solar panel. This panel will power water pumps, motors and all sort of lights.


    Buy now ($15.00 ea)


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