Hydropower Fundamentals

Join us for this hydropower virtual workshop to explore the science of water based power!

During this virtual workshop, educators will learn the foundations of water power including the science and technology of hydropower turbines. We will also introduce activities for the classroom that engage students in dynamic, hands-on energy-based learning.

This workshop has self guided and in-person components.

Before Workshop - Hydropower 101 Webinar - (1 Hour)

This Informative presentation introduces hydropower foundational concepts and explores the basic science and technology behind hydropower technologies.

In - Person - Using Hydropower in your Classroom (2 Hours)

Using the materials provided we will construct a simple hydropower device and explore how power output from this device is affected by head, nozzle size, gearboxes and generators. We will also explore different methods to generate power from moving or falling water.

After Workshop - Collecting Data & Sharing (1-2 Hours)

You will be asked to collect some data about your hydropower projects and post them to our Online Challenge spaces. You will also learn how to set up your own KidWind account to set up Challenge Spaces for your students.

Registration for this workshop is $150 and includes a delivery of a box of materials we will explore during the workshop. You will receive a certificate of completion for 4 clock hours at the end of this training.

Some things to know:

  • This workshop and the materials used are geared towards middle school and high school teachers.
  • No prior knowledge of hydropower is required.
  • You will need a stable internet connection and dedicated space in which to work.
  • You will need access to a sink to do some basic hydropower experiments.
  • We will ship you a box of material 4-7 days before the workshop.
  • Preservice and retired teachers are welcome!