Wind Angels

Our team is from Thermal, California, United States. We are from Toro Canyon Middle School (Coachella Valley Unified School), and are in the 5-8 age category. Our team is from Thermal, California. We are from Toro Canyon Middle School, and are in the 5-8 category. The team member’s names are Yesenia Perez, Gisselle Torres and Melani Ortiz, which make up the team “Wind Angels”. This team was the most energetic duo from all my teams this year. This trio team did not take no for answer and were great at tackling problem they encountered. They first begin with an 8 to 1 gear ratio, but they were not satisfied with their power output. They begin to do research and began looking into compound gears, and decided to improve their wind turbine by using a 32 to 1 ratio. This modification really boosted their power output and efficiency, which made them feel extraordinary. One of the team’s members (Yesenia Perez) had an opportunity to participate in the KidWind challenge and really took the lead for her team. I am so proud of this team and they are extremely happy they were able to take part in the KidWind competition, thank you.

Team Info


Toro Canyon Middle School



Grade Level


Turbine Info




KidWind Generator

Wind Speed

4.3 m/s

Rotor Swept Area

6644 cm2

Resistor Value (ohms)

301 Ω


15.98 V

Turbine Performance


848.37 mW




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