This is your chance to construct solar powered object. Teams that enter this challenge need to construct a solar powered device, think model house, ferris wheel, phone charging tree, machine, car — whatever you want — as long as it is powered by solar!

All entries will be evaluated on their thoughtful, creative, and resourceful design, innovation and complexity of the circuitry, your reflections on the construction process, and what you may have learned about solar power.

Each month we will select a few of our favorite devices from all the posted entries. This devices will be added to our library of featured solar devices.

  • Download detailed rules
  • Team info sheet: Use this sheet to fill out the competition fields without filling out the actual online submission form. This is a great way to keep track of multiple trials so that you can submit your best trial to the competition. If you are a teacher submitting for a class, you can have students fill out this form and then submit their answers for them.


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