Art Contest

National Wind Energy Art Contest

KidWind with the support of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Wind Energy Technologies Office called upon Kindergarten–8th grade students from around the nation to create artwork about the theme Beautiful Wind Energy. 18 winners, two from each grade have been chosen and will receive $200, and show their work at the nation’s annual CLEANPOWER 2024 conference in Minneapolis May 5–8, 2024 alongside the World KidWind Challenge. Winning artwork may also be curated at the headquarters of the U.S. Department of Energy in Washington D.C., where thousands of energy officials pass by daily.

The selection panel consisted of staff from KidWind, U.S. Department of Energy’s Wind Energy Technologies Office, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Due to the number of submissions and how impressed our judges were with the artwork, the judges decided to include a number of honorable mentions. While honorable mentions will not have their artwork publicly displayed, they will each receive $100, and are featured on this page.

Beautiful Wind Energy Winners!


Give me a power to fly like a wind

Stephania N. [VA]

Happiness comes from the wind

Jennifer H. [CA]

First Grade

Beautiful Spring in the Farm

Anonymous [PA]

Beautiful Windmill

Sabria M. [IL]

Second Grade

Wind energy in the village

Jocelyn W. [NY]

A New Day - Sunrise over Turbines

Sophie K. [CA]

Third Grade

Wind turbine blade powered grass in the field

Emma Y. O. [AZ]

Beautiful wind energy created by a beautiful community

Iris Y. [NY]

Fourth Grade

Gorgeous Wind

Anika S. [LA]

Endless power along the way

Dorothy M. [CA]

Fifth Grade

Wind Energy is a Sweet Breeze

Aydin S. [SC]

Sparks of Creativity

Joanna L. [NY]

Sixth Grade

Blow my mind away

Reyansh B. [VA]

The Power of Wind Energy

Helio P. [CT]

Seventh Grade

Beautiful Wind

Danika L. [WI]

Wind Has Sprung

Gabrielle H. [VA]

Eighth Grade

Looking out

Gracie C. [KY]

Hang Gliding in Rio

Hannah M. [MO]

Beautiful Wind Energy Honorable Mentions!


My Beautiful Dandelion to Wind Energy

Uthra A. [TE]

Windy Day

Elizabeth J. [NJ]

Use of wind energy

Ananya K. W. [VA]

Windmill for hot days

Ira P. [VA]

Wind in the Sky

Bonnie T. [NC]

First Grade

Beautiful Wind Energy

Aadvik G. [VA]

Thankful Wind for My Family

Louis L. [NJ]

Wind brings joy and energy

Vidhur S. [CT]

Energy of Purity

Tagir S. [GA]

Wind of Beyblade

Ben K. [NJ]

I Like New Mexico Windmills

Emmett M. [NM]

Second Grade

Beautiful Wind Turbines

Harshitha K. [CA]

Lakeside Windmills

Brandon G. [IL]

Playground, Waterfall and beautiful wind

Oscar B. [NY]

The Beauty of Wind Power

Ivy W. C, [SC]


Avery S. [IL]

The World Energy Vision

Dean C. [CA]

Third Grade

Wind Energy

Anvi K. [CA]

Sea World by the Wind Power

John L. [CA]

Breathing Wind Village

Jason L. [CA]

Windy Day

Elise M. [MI]

Fourth Grade

The Wild Wind

Genevieve W. [NY]


Marilyn B. [CA]

Windy Sunset

Bentley N. [WI]

Happy Hillsides

Elizabeth A. [IL]

Fifth Grade

The Man in the Turbine

Nala S. [IL]

Wind Powers Us

Lilyana D. [SC]

A World of Windmills

Nathan B. [TX]

Outstanding Wind Power

Logan G. [CA]

The beautiful wind energy city

Ryan M. [AZ]

Chaos to Power

Rowan H. [NM]

Sixth Grade

Beautiful Wind Scenery

Elbert W. [NY]

A Beautiful Breeze

Murielle P. [MN]

Beauty of Wind

Daphne H. [KS]

The Three Mills

Isaiah C. [CO]

Beautiful Energy

Helen P. [KS]

Eighth Grade

Beautiful Wind Energy

Penelope O. [HI]

Beautiful Wind

Janielle C. [HI]