Art Contest

National Wind Energy Art Contest

KidWind with the support of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Wind Energy Technologies Office calls upon students in kindergarten through 8th grade from around the nation to create artwork about the theme Beautiful Wind Energy. Two winners from each grade will receive $200 and the chance to show their work at the nation’s annual CLEANPOWER 2024 conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota May 5–8, 2024 alongside the World KidWind Challenge. Winning artwork may also be curated at the headquarters of the U.S. Department of Energy in Washington D.C., where thousands of energy officials pass by daily. All work must be submitted through the online form linked below by 12pm CST March 22, 2024. Early submissions are encouraged and may be temporarily displayed on this webpage.


  • This free art contest is for students in kindergarten through 8th grade.
  • Artwork should be created on Tabloid 11”x17” paper, displayed horizontally or vertically, and focus on the competition theme: Beautiful Wind Energy. K-3 students may use the optional 8.5”x11” drawing template found here.
  • Registration and artwork must be submitted before 12pm CST March 22, 2024, using this form linked below.

Additional Guidelines

  • Only one submission per student
  • Original artwork only
  • No digitally created artwork will be accepted
  • Drawing and painting in any media is accepted (pencil, crayon, markers, watercolor, acrylic, etc)
  • Use of drawing and painting mediums together is accepted
  • A teacher, coach, parent or guardian must fill out the form linked below and provide contact information. The adult can submit applications for more than one student.

Contest Timeline

  • Submissions will be open January 3 – March 22, 2024
  • Artwork must be submitted before 12pm CST on March 22, 2024, using the submission form linked below

Selection Criteria

Submissions will be evaluated by grade level and according to the following criteria:

Quality of Submitted Image

10 points

Is the artwork image file 300 dpi? Is the artwork image file high resolution? Straight, no glares, no warp, no shadow, no filters, in focus, background cropped so only the artwork is showing? Do not alter the image besides cropping out the background.


30 points

Does it follow the theme Beautiful Wind Energy? Does it display wind energy in a way that looks beautiful?

Knowledge & Understanding

30 points

Does the artwork display the basics of wind energy?


30 points

Is it well done? Does it have nice color, lines, composition, and content? Does the artwork evoke emotion?

For K-3rd Grade Only: If the student used the drawing template, did they do so in an interesting way?

Awards and Recognition

Each grade will have two winners, for a total of 18 winners. Each winner will receive $200!

Winners will be decided by a selection panel consisting of staff from KidWind, U.S. Department of Energy’s Wind Energy Technologies Office, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Winners will have their artwork on temporary display at the CLEANPOWER conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota May 5–8, 2024 within the World KidWind Challenge space in Hall A of the Minneapolis Convention Center. Over 8,000 industry leaders from around the globe will be attending the conference and see the artwork.

At the conclusion of the CLEANPOWER conference, artwork will be transferred and may be curated in the public lobby of the U.S. Department of Energy’s office in Washington, DC. Winner’s artwork may be used within the U.S. Department of Energy’s media with the artist’s first name, age, location, and date, as well as title of artwork.

Submission Examples

Inspiration Photo
Inspiration Photo
Inspiration Photo

Resources and Inspiration to Get You Started

U.S. Department of Energy Energy 101: Wind Power - A short video highlighting the basic principles of wind turbines, and how the various components work to capture and convert wind energy to electricity

Wind Energy Technology Office Wind Energy Basics - A webpage about the basics of wind energy with helpful links for further research

KidWind WindWise Intro to Wind Energy - An introduction to wind power as a resource for energy production, wind turbines, and impacts

KidWind WindWise Education Lesson 8: How Does a Windmill Work? - A hands-on activity based lesson on making a homemade windmill that explains how windmills work

Climate Change Artist Nicole Kelner - Watercolor and drawing artist Nicole Kelner creates educational art to inspire climate action. Her work includes a coloring book and drawings of wind power.

Artists and Climate Change Wind Turbines as Artistic Canvas - An article about artists painting wind turbines like giant murals

Artists and Climate Change A Brief History of Wind Energy - An article about how wind has been used by humans and images of artist’s work

Creative Suggestions

Here are some creative suggestions to help you think about Beautiful Wind Energy.

  • The K-3rd grade Beautiful Wind Energy drawing template is of wind turbines on the horizon. Think about the time of day, the location. Think about what wind turbines would look like where you live. Think about the wind, what that looks like. Or, what the sky looks like when it’s windy. Are there people or animals in the picture? Do you want to draw more turbines in the picture?
  • Wind energy can be illustrated by a wind turbine or windmill. Think of the time of day, the location. Are there more than one?
  • Consider a drawing of the inner workings of wind turbines or windmills, or how you imagine it works
  • Imagine what something invisible, like wind, looks like
  • Consider drawing a wind turbine in a pattern or in a way that is abstract
  • Wind energy can be shown as your curtains blowing in an open window, your hand moving outside a car window, pollen or seeds on the wind, a sailboat
  • Wind energy can be a character from myth or a spirit


Thanks to our Sponsors!

KidWind with the support of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Wind Energy Technologies Office champions a wind energy art contest for students in kindergarten through eighth grade from across the United States. The wind energy sector in the United States is poised to become an important component of numerous American communities and energy systems in the coming decade. The objective of the wind energy art contest is to ignite students' curiosity, encouraging them to contemplate the significance of wind and its impact on life on Earth.