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Educators! Energize your K-12 classroom with REcharge Labs, a brand new KidWind teacher training program aimed at helping you bring hands-on renewable energy into your curriculum.

REcharge Your Class

REcharge Labs are KidWind’s suite of teacher training workshops about renewable energy. Each REcharge Lab gives educators the knowledge and tools to help their K-12 students build connections between science, technology, engineering, art, and math concepts and the social and environmental issues relating to renewable energy. Browse our Labs and register for one in your area!

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Wind 101 & lessons

You're invited to browse through countless short videos, PowerPoint presentations, hands-on lessons, and student-friendly online reading that will get you started learning about renewable energy. Thanks to the continued partnership and generous support from our sponsors, every one of these resources is completely free and here for you to use and enjoy.

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KidWind Challenge

The KidWind Challenge is a hands-on wind turbine design competition. Student teams put their knowledge of renewable energy to work as they design and construct wind turbines that will generate as much energy as possible. Compete in the KidWind Challenge Online today or register to attend Challenge Event in your region.

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Science Kit Store

KidWind’s products make learning about renewable energy engaging and effective. Browse the KidWind store to find the best wind and solar science kits for an individual project or for your entire classroom!

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