EDP Renewables

EDPR Wind Starter Kit

This package will help you build a PVC turbine. It includes a generator, hub, dowels, multimeter and basic load board. You will, however, need to provide your own PVC and blade making materials like cardboard, balsa wood etc.

The kit is free (only $5 for shipping and handling)

Current Initiatives

With the COVID-19 pandemic preventing in-person KidWind events, EDPR has redirected support toward subsidizing the cost of KidWind project kits, giving more students access to fun, hands-on learning opportunities in today’s remote learning environment. EDPR is also supporting the KidWind’s rollout of the Virtual Academy to help teachers do professional development from their school or home. You can check out more KidWind activities on the class activities page.

Through the month of July, students can get a wind turbine kit for free from EDPR! Just pay $5 for shipping and handling. Limit one kit per household. These kits help students explore the power of wind and solar at home. Students are also encouraged to upload any projects they create to the KidWind Online Challenge.

Who is EDPR?

EDP Renewables North America and its subsidiaries develop, construct, own, and operate wind farms and solar parks throughout North America. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, with 52 wind farms, eight solar parks, and seven regional offices across North America, EDPR NA has developed more than 7,300 megawatts (MW) and operates more than 7,000 MW of renewable energy projects.

Current & Past Support

EDPR NA is committed to being an engaged and active community member in the areas in which it operates. Since 2013, KidWind has worked with EDP Renewables North America to bring wind energy education to the many communities across the United States where EDPR NA is at work. One way it does this is by working with KidWind to give teachers and students living in our project communities the tools to pursue their curiosity around science, technology, engineering, and math by bringing wind technology challenges into local classrooms. It funds teacher trainings, project materials, and travel scholarships for teams attending national challenges, in addition to sponsoring KidWind challenges.

One shining example of this is their support of Dick Anderson, a retired technology educator near EDPR’s Quilt Block Wind Farm in Wisconsin. EDPR supported Dick’s attendance at the 2017 REchage Academy in Colorado and ever since he has been training 100s teachers about wind energy all over WI! Recently Dick won WI Energy Educator of the Year! Learn more