STEM Superheroes

KidWind is excited to launch a partnership with STEM Superheroes to energize classrooms with the stories and superpowers of Energy Superheroes and hands-on energy activities.

Everyday Superheroes; Women in Energy Careers is the second book in the Everyday Superheroes series, highlighting the colorful careers of women working in energy.

In this book students get to meet thirty-four real-life energy super-heroes. They Install solar panels, dig wells miles into the ground, connect zigzagging power lines, and drive us into the future with battery-powered cars.

Pairing these books with hands-on activities will help students learn how energy is used to light our cities, build our homes, charge our favorite devices, and so much more.

The goal of this initiative is to promote energy literacy and careers to all students, with a particular focus on young women.

Our target for the 2022-23 school year is to support 500 teachers who impact at least 15,000 students.

Energize your School with Energy Superheroes

$50 - Energize a Student

If you purchase one Everyday Superheroes: Women in Energy Careers at this level, an additional book and Firefly Kit will be donated to an educator you select or one that has requested one through the KidWind site.

Buy a book and we donate a book & a FireFly Kit to a student in a classroom or after-school program.

If you are an educator who would like to receive some donated books for your students, fill out this form!

$250 - Energize a Teacher

Your support will help a teacher begin their journey to becoming an energy superhero in their own classroom. Teachers need training, support and materials to share these concepts with students, help get them started.

  • Educators will receive the Everyday Superheroes: Women in Energy Careers and a starter kit that includes a solar, wind and paper circuits activity that is appropriate for their level.
  • All teachers will be invited to attend a 2 hour webinar that teaches them how to bring the materials and renewable energy lessons to life into their classroom.

$1000 - Energize a Classroom

By sponsoring a classroom you guarantee a teacher will have the training, support and most importantly the materials they need to bring engaging and hands-on renewable energy activities and the careers of Energy Superheroes to 25-30 students in their classroom.

  • Class set (10 paperback) copies of Everyday Superheroes: Women in Energy Careers
  • Voucher to attend 2 KidWind Virtual Workshop on Wind, Solar, Hydro or the Power Grid.
  • Wind and Solar Classroom Gear worth over $600.
  • Elementary Package (K-3)

    • Solar Fountain Classpack
    • Sail Car Classpack
    • Firefly Classpack
    • Mini Windmills Classpack
    • Solar Exploration Pack
    • RE Children’s Books
    • Center Guide for RE Stations
  • Middle Level Package (4-8)

    • Classroom Solar Panels
    • Multimeters & Measurement Tools
    • Solar Boats & Rovers Pack
    • Anemometer
    • Wind Energy Classroom Kit
    • RE Children’s Books
  • High School Level (4-8)

    • Solar Challenge Kit
    • Multimeters & Measurement Tools
    • Wind Energy Classroom Kit