Team Caleb

Caleb is one of five participants in Makersmiths' KidWind STEM group. Last year the members worked as a group to learn about wind energy, how to design, produce and test out their wind turbine blades. One of our Makersmiths members is a retired electrical engineer and worked with the group to learn about gears and how they can improve the performance of a wind turbine. When COVID hit, the group had to stop meeting. This year, the group met online to work on solar projects, but Caleb wanted the chance to test out his blades that he made using 3D technology. He tested his wind turbine during the Northern VA wind tunnel testing day on May 1, 2021. The documentation that we will email to the KidWind-VA coordinator is in the form of a PDF. It will contain his work as well as two other group members related to their wind turbine projects. Challenges: Due to COVID restrictions, not being able to meet in person at the Makersmiths was a challenge. Caleb wanted to test out his wind turbine prior to wind tunnel days and to also create a gear box for his project.

Team Info


Makersmiths, Inc. (non-profit maker space)



Grade Level


Turbine Info




KidWind Generator

Wind Speed

3 m/s

Rotor Swept Area

5805.86 cm2

Resistor Value (ohms)

30 Ω


0.212 V


No statements

Turbine Performance


1.50 mW