Using your knowledge of how wind energy works, your team needs to build a small turbine to produce as much power as possible! Think about the best construction techniques and the most innovative design to make it operate. Entries will be evaluated based on performance as well as creativity, quality, and demonstrated knowledge.

Each month we will select a few of our favorite turbines from all the posted entries. This turbine will be added to our library of featured turbines. If your turbine is selected to be part of this select group you will be invited to annual National KidWind Challenge which is held each spring. Learn more about the KidWind Challenge.

  • Get some Gear: If you need some gear to start building your turbine we would start here.
  • Download the detailed rules
  • Submit your project
    Fill out the fields on the online submission form. Make sure to take pictures of you project and process! You'll need them when you submit it.
  • Anemometers One of the most important variables we use to calculate your efficiency and performance is wind speed. While we have created the Wind Speed Cheat Sheet, as you can imagine this is pretty inaccurate! To make improve the data we get consider getting an inexpensive anemometer. This will greatly improve the data you provide!
  • Wind speed cheat sheet: Not sure what the wind speed of your fan is? Use this cheat sheet to find out the speeds of common household box fans.
  • Performance Calculator: Use this handy tool to test your device's performance before you submit to the Online Challenge! The electrical output capability will be the most helpful for the Wind Turbine Design Challenge.