Fin and the Solar Sisters

Our team is from Flint Hill, Virginia, United States. We are from Wakefield Country Day School, and are in the 5-8 age category. The team is made up of five 7th grade Earth science students, 4 girls and one boy. They made this house after studying renewable energy. What were some of the challenges you faced, and how did you solve them? The challenges were to make the lights work and get the pump to circulate the water. We had to test incandescent and LED lights and different solar panels to see which would work the best. We found that the larger 3V panels were able to light more LED lights then the incandescent lights. Also the 3V was able to pump water through the tube and back to the pump. We used a cup to put the pump in. We also wanted to turn the lights and pump off and on. We had to test different ways to connect the switches till we made them work.We also connected 2 sets of lights with one panel. We had to try use alligator clips to make this work and to put a switch on the pump. What were your design goals? Tell us about the features in your house: It is a Christmas house. We wanted to light a tree, put lights on the house and on every floor. We also wanted to heat the house with solar heated water. We put in a pump that circulates water that is heated on the roof then goes under the tile floor. We have snowflake lights on the roof and lights on each floor. The downstairs lights are pushed through the floor so they are in the ceiling. We also put lights on the tree downstairs. What is your light source? incandescent 150 Watt bulb (was also tested in sun)

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