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The Coastal Studies Institute (CSI), in partnership with KidWind and Jennette’s Pier will host the 3rd Annual North Carolina Renewable Energy Challenge at the CSI campus site in Wanchese, North Carolina this Spring.

Students, elementary, middle and high school, will engineer an alternative energy device and compete against each other to create the most efficient device in either solar, wind or ocean currents. Undergraduates can compete in the ocean waves division. The challenge strives to increase student interest in green technology and promote innovation.

What is a KidWind Challenge?!

The KidWind Challenge is the ultimate renewable energy learning experience where middle and high school students design, build, and test small devices. Check out this video!

When students participate in the KidWind Challenge they will:

  • Discover the promise and limitations of renewable energy technology
  • Design, build, and test a functional creative renewable energy structures
  • Compete with their peers in a supportive environment

    Consider the following when building your team:

  • Teams must consist of 1-10 students (we find 3-4 to be ideal)
  • Each team needs an adult coach (teacher, parent, etc.)

  • Register by Apr 1, 2021


    May 1, 2021

    Project submission info

    Submit your project on: May 1, 2021


    Coastal Studies Institute 850 Hwy 345 Wanchese, NC 27981

    Event Organizer

    Contact the event organizer, David Sybert, at

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    NC Renewable Energy Challenge

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