Here you can find the first lessons we developed at KidWind. Sure they are old and a bit dated, but they are still rock solid. If you are looking for all the old KidWind Manuals and docs before we sold them to Vernier you can find them here. These were some awesome documents with lots of great images and graphics!

  • Turbine Blade Design

    Blade design and engineering is one of the most complicated and important aspects of current wind turbine technology. Today engineers strive to design blades that extract as much energy from the wind as possible throughout a range of wind speeds and gust yet be durable, quiet and cheap.
  • Energy Notions

    The goal of this exercise is to explore what your students know about energy sources that generate electricity and about emerging technologies that will impact their lives.
  • Scale Models with Wind Turbines

    This lesson explores scale models and issues surrounding models and their accuracy when developing a large wind farm.
  • Wind Power Curves

    This lesson has students analyze and understand a variety of curves that describe the power extracted from the wind.
  • See the Wind

    The goal of this exercise is to help students see the difference in the speed and smoothness of the wind at different altitudes above the earth.
  • Building the PVC Turbine

    One of the first classroom wind turbines that KidWind invented. Still very awesome! Get the basic parts at Vernier and you are off!